Jason W. Brown, MD
Clinical Professor of Neurology (ret) at New York University Medical Center
Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine, 2006
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Mind and nature
Essays on Time and Subjectivity
Neuropsychology of visual perception
The life of the mind

The Self-Embodying Mind
Process, Brain Dynamics and the Conscious Present
Contents Contents Contents Contents
Agnosia and Apraxia 
Selected Papers of Liepmann, Lange and Potzl
by Arnold Pick

Aphasia, Apraxia 
and Agnosia 
Clinical and Theoretical Aspects
Contents Contents Contents Contents
Mind, Brain and Consciousness 
The Neuropsychology of Cognition
Self and Process 
Brain States and the Conscious Present
Time, Will, 
and Mental Process
Process and the Authentic Life 
Toward a Psychology of Value
Contents Contents Contents Contents
Neuropsychological foundations
of conscious experience
Gourmet's Guide to the Mind Love and Other Emotions